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Today, Kurasi is proud to offer a suite of premium shipping service to Indonesian businesses and individuals. 

These services are previously only available to big businesses in certain countries.

Economy Standard
Economy Plus
Premium Package
Express ****
Estimated Delivery
10-25 Business days *
10-15 Business days *
10-15 Business days
4-8 Business days
Ship Worldwide
Ship Worldwide
Ship Worldwide
United States only
Ship Worldwide
Tracking Service

Limited Tracking Service

(Acceptance Scan only)

Full Tracking Service
Full Tracking Service
Full Tracking Service
Max Actual Weight

2 Kg

2 Kg

3 Kg

30 kg **

Maximum Package Size

Length + Width + Depth = 50cm

The longest side should not exceed 45 cm

Length + Width + Depth = 50cm

The longest side should not exceed 45 cm

Length + Width + Depth = 50cm

The longest side should not exceed 45 cm

Length x Width X Depth : 5000 = 30 kg **

There will be additional fee if the package length starts from 120 cm


Enquiries could not be raised to start the investigation.

 (No Claim Available)

Enquiries could be raised to start the investigation. 

(Max Claim Up To 50 USD)

Enquiries could be raised to start the investigation

(Max Claim Up To 20 USD)

Enquiries could be raised to start the investigation.

(No Claim Available Without Insurance) ***

*       Please expect delays during this pandemic situation

**     Please contact us if your package weigh more than 30 kg

***   Insurance fee

**** Applicable only for eBay Seller

*** Insurance Fee
Declared Value
IDR 171.870
450 USD and under
2% of Declare Value
Above 450 USD

Please contact us for adding insurance service.

The shipping history can be tracked within 90 days since departing from the warehouse (no claim available after).

For express service, with or without insurance, shipping inquiry can only be made 30 (thirty) calendar days after the package has left KURASI warehouse. No inquiry can be made after that

Economy Standard

Economy standard is a service that delivers your shipment to worldwide destinations in a matter of 10-25 business days*, with acceptance scan to ensure your items are shipped. Businesses and individuals will be able to check the shipped status of their shipments online. 


What’s even better is you can access this service at the comfort of your office or home. Kurasi offers free pickup* to collect your shipments, no minimum shipment*. 

And Kurasi is offering this premium shipping service to Indonesia businesses and individuals at huge discounts that could be comparable to your Neighborhood Post Office rates. 

+ Ship Worldwide
+ Fast delivery 10-25 days*
+ Acceptance Scan only, no further tracking status will be provided
+ Free Pickup*
+ Huge Discounts*
+ Businesses or Individuals
+ No minimum shipment*

Delivery time is based on Kurasi historical average time.

Free pickup is currently limited to Greater Jakarta for up to 7kg combined shipments.

Please check our competitive shipping rates at

No minimum shipment but your item must comply with international safety requirements and with certain weight and dimension.

Economy Plus

Economy Plus is an upgrade from Economy Standard, offering the same reliability and fast ship time of 10-15 business days but with end to end tracking and delivery scan. Your customers or recipient can track the delivery status. This service is only marginally more expensive than Economy Standard.

+ All Economy Standard advantages
+ Full end to end tracking*
+ Delivery Confirmation*
+ Insured*

Delivery confirmation information is available on request.

Items are insured up to a maximum value, 20 USD.

Premium Package

Premium Package is now available only to United States.


If you have an urgent document or parcel to ship worldwide or an oversized or bulky item, our Express Service is there for you.

Express Service delivers your item to worldwide within 4-8 business days. Some destinations offers overnight delivery. All delivery are door to door with full tracking, letting you track your item at every shipping leg.

Apart from your urgent document or parcel, you can also ship bulky* and heavy items* with Express Service.

Kurasi offers the Express Service only to eBay sellers at huge discounts and is comparable or cheaper than some courier services.

+ Fast Delivery 4-8 business days
+ Door to door delivery
+ Over
sized and bulky items possible

The sender is responsible for the completeness and validity of the destination address, incomplete and/or changing the addresses will cause delays and potentially be charged for the address correction fee.

Direct Signature and Insurance (please refer to Insurance info above) are available for this service, please contact our customer care for confirmation.


*) Check for more info

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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